Entry – Best ILEA Team Effort

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  • You must be an ISES member to enter this category.

    This category honors a team of ISES event professionals who successfully worked together to produce a memorable event in 2013. All ISES Events must be entered into the Best ISES Event Volunteer Collaboration category. A minimum of three (3) ISES members are needed to qualify for this category and Only ONE online entry is allowed for each event. A team leader must be chosen and is responsible for the team’s entry. For question 6, each team member must supply their one answer to the team leader who will include it in the team’s entry.

    $75/member or $100/non-member. The team leader filling out this online entry will be making payment in the final step. You cannot pay with more than one credit card, etc.

  • The person entering will be designated the "Team Leader" and will fill out their complete information below. You will have a chance to enter the names of everyone in one of the final steps.