MONDAY, MARCH 23 @ Midnight

  Early bird pricing until Monday, March 16th

Entries are open to all Ohio Event Professionals, or Professionals who have events in Ohio, with event dates in the Calendar year of 2019.

Entry fees are:
Early Bird Entries (Deadline of Monday, March 16th at 11:59pm)
ILEA Members $75        Non-ILEA Members $150

Final Entries (Deadline of Monday, March 23rd at 11:59pm)
ILEA Members $100        Non-ILEA Members $175
* For Joint Entry submissions, cost is per person at their member status rate

Submission Payment Process-  By credit card or PayPal.

*** It is STRONGLY recommended that you review the submission entry questions for the appropriate category(s) and prepare your written answers in PLAIN TEXT format in a word processing program (e.g Word), the Event Budget (in Excel)  and gather ALL your collateral documents in electronic format BEFORE beginning the submission process.  When your content is ready to submit, (proof-read, character count, spell check, etc), copy and paste the text into the text box on the website and format as needed.  Note there is a maximum characters per question and maximum file size for collateral material.

NOTE: NO Entrant Name, Entrant Company Name, or Entrant Logo may appear in any part of this entry, including file names or digital files. Entries including entrants names and/or logos WILL be disqualified.

The Process…

1. Choose a Category: All categories are listed under the “Enter Now” tab of the ILEA Ohio WOW! Website. 

Descriptions of each category is available by clicking on the category name.

2. Select your Budget Category

Enter your Personal Information (name, address, company, contact information, ILEA member number)
* Note this information is used to engrave the award

3. Enter the Event Details (event name, start & end date~ end date for a single day event is the same as the start date and total number of attendees

4. Category Questions: In no more than the max characters (including spaces) per question, describe the event answering the specified questions. The online system will count down as you type in the box.

5. Upload ONE Event Photo: This will be used for marketing purposes if your entry is nominated or wins ** Maximum of 1MB size

6. Upload your event Budget (if required for the category): You can download the budget template prior to starting the submission process by clicking here.

** A detailed budget for the portion of the event identified in the category entered including each element and every dollar spent must be completed and uploaded. The budget must reflect the RETAIL value in US Dollars of all items used, including donated, sponsored and inventory items, and excluding any preferred supplier rates and discounts.

Failure to disclose the full RETAIL market value for the products and/or services utilized will result in a disqualification.

7. Upload your Relevant Collateral Materials/Management Collateral
You are limited to a total of 4 Collateral/Management files and them must not exceed 2MB each.

These are documents necessary for pre-planning and production of events. Management collateral supports the entry event’s development, pre-production, and post-production. Examples include: floor plans, timelines, contingency plans, production schedules, insurance riders, renderings, BEOs. Each photo is considered one item. A multi-page piece such as a timeline or production schedule will each be considered one piece. (jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx)

Event Collateral Files
All Event Collateral files must not exceed 2MB each and are limited to a total of 6 files

These consist of the visuals/collateral/products that are used to create look, feel, and experience. Examples include photographs, invitations, menu cards, nametags and signage. Each photo is considered one item. A multipage piece such as a menu or program will each be considered one piece. (jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc)

Multi-Media Collateral
**Optional- Files must not exceed 8MB or 5-minutes and are limited to 1 file OR a Link to a video on YouTube, Vimeo, your website, etc  (ppt, .pptx, .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .mp4)

8. Finalize your Entry:  Review your entry to make certain it is complete, answers all questions asked, includes all required documents, and is finished for you to submit. If necessary use the “Previous” buttons to go back and make necessary updates and changes.  DOUBLE CHECK you have removed any logos or company/ names of the entrant

Select Entry fee and Affirm the authenticity of the information provided.

Click Submit and proceed to Payment.

** Be patient and this is when your photos and information is being uploaded.  Once complete, you will be directed to the payment page through PayPal.

–    Submit Credit Card Payment via Paypal.

NOTE: Once you pay for an entry, you cannot go back and change the entry.  At this point it has already been submitted for judging.

** You will receive 2 email confirmations, one for the submission of your entry, and one for confirmation of payment.

Attend the ILEA Ohio WOW Awards Gala in Cincinnati, Ohio

Click on the Categories below to view the Submission Questions and Criteria for each category